Easy Ways to Save Money Without Giving Up Your Comfort

Anyone planning the ultimate holiday trip to Orlando knows where to go. The question is what to do on a budget. This is always a priority for families as the expenses can add up, starting with all the admission tickets to the theme parks and the numerous meals and snacks. Of course, everyone wants a souvenir or two plus some gifts for the folks back home.

You can enjoy a fun yet unpretentious vacation in Orlando without breaking the bank. You don’t have to stay in a pit with a broken down toilet, I want a decent and clean one that works. Our budget hotels all have modern amenities. We pride ourselves on great accommodations that meet every need. Simple luxury is a popular concept in the family hospitality world these days. Quality has a broad definition here.

No one wants to risk their health in a fleabag hotel, but you don’t have to. All it takes is some online research and a few tips from pros like us. We know that Orlando is the entertainment mecca of the world with more than a dozen theme and water parks like Epcot and Magic Kingdom. This makes the city a true rival of Las Vegas and Coney Island. Kids are in the zone the minute they get off the plane. It is like they have antennas that hone in on the nearest adventure. Just let them loose and they will zero in on some great local fun.

You can sleep and dine in style in modest venues that are clean, inexpensive and thoroughly enjoyable. There are ample recreational choices for every age, but most people prefer to spend time in Walt Disney World Resort if they have limited time. (The toilets here are just fine, by the way—clean as a whistle!) After all, this is America, baby. You can count on it anywhere you go.

You can choose from a variety of holiday packages full of suggestions and tips. There is something for everyone from posh four-star resorts to ten-unit motels. We just want you to come! I sound like a public service announcement for the Chamber of Commerce. So be it. We are here to promote the town and lure vacationers all year round. It is a rewarding job because we know you will have the best time.

Let me close with a final shout out for Universal Orlando, offering Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in between. Please allow yourself sufficient time. List Table